Thermal Inspection Services

Thermal Infrared Roof Inspection

Aerospot Imaging provides thermal infrared roof inspection services on any roofing system nationwide. We use FLIR Thermal Infrared cameras mounted on our Industrial UAV systems to provide the most accurate and technologically advanced thermal infrared roof inspection service.

Our Thermal Infrared Roof Inspection Includes

  • Thermogram and photograph of entire roofing area
  • High quality thermal video of the roof
  • Report highlighting areas of concern
  • Certification of report for use in insurance claims, home inspection reports and more

With our aerial drone roof inspection service there is no need to take the risk to have a contractor or employee climb on your roof. We can get a detailed roof inspection from the ground flying our high end roof inspection drones. Also with our FLIR infrared cameras we can capture video in crisper, clearer, and more detailed than ever before. Call Aerospot Imaging today for your drone roof inspection.

Infrared Roof Inspection

Infrared inspections are non-destructive, highly efficient and provide a visual qualification of damaged areas of a flat roof. A picture says a thousand words; infrared thermography is the only diagnostic technology that lets you instantly visualize and verify thermal performance. FLIR’s infrared cameras show you thermal problems, quantify them with precise non-contact temperature measurement, and document them automatically in seconds with professional easy-to-create IR reports. With the proper training and a quality camera, our staff can provide invaluable data that can save a building owner or insurance company many thousands of dollars. Our professional infrared testing substantially reduces your roof repair and replacement costs by:

    • Targeting water damaged roof areas and wet insulation for effective repair
    • Identifying sound roof sections for conservation
    • Prevent costly roof replacements by identifying issues early
    • Improving specifications for more competitive bidding
    • Providing independent, objective information about the actual condition of your roof system to help you make sound decisions based on fact, not opinions.
    • Prolong the life of your roof with effective routine maintenance